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Related article: Date: Thu, 31 Oct 2002 07:46:53 -0500 (EST) From: Michael Sullivan Subject: Adventures In Zegersland - Pt. 5DISCLAIMER: This is a work of fiction. It is not a representation of facts, events, or the real circumstances of these characters in true life. The story is strictly fantasy, & written for the entertainment of the author and YOU, it's readers.The story content includes consentual sex between minor teen males. If it is illegal for you to read such material, or find it to be offensive, LEAVE NOW!All chapters of this story, including earlier chapters titled "Kevin's Awakening" are the sole property of the author. Posting of this story to websites not auhorized by me is prohibited. AUTHOR'S NOTE: I am encouraged that I continue to receive such good response to this story. It is my pleasure to continue presenting further chapters. Thanks to all who continue to respond, and YES I really do enjoy writing it for you! ADVENTURES IN ZEGERSLAND - Pt. 5While the coffeetable had provided a nice playing surface for the game, it was clear now that it's continued usage would be to serve a higher purpose. Ben and Richard glanced at each other, grinning broadly. As they had been the creators of the event deck cards, they knew it would only be a matter of time before the inevitable would take place........some lucky boy was going to receive an incredible experience upon it's top. And it just so happened that Andy would be that boy.Andy was trembling, half fearing, but also intrigued by what would happen next. Jon got up from his seat, moving toward Andy, while Ben and Richard removed the game board from the tabletop. Upon reaching Andy, Jon moved in close, running both of his hands down Andy's smooth torso until they reached the waistband of his boxers. Not needing any encouragement from the rest of the horny assemblage, Jon slid the boxers down Andy's muscular legs, giving all a birdseye view of the prize."Lay down on the table, face-up!" was the command Andy heard from Richard. His 9" cock was only two-thirds hard, but was beginning to stretch toward full extension as things began to progress. He complied with Richard's command, and things now began to happen rather quickly.Ryan and Bradley moved to Andy's feet, stripping him of his remaining garments. Kevin positioned himself near Andy's face, while Richard and Ben were on opposite sides near Andy's shoulders. Both boys took hold of Andy's arms, gently stretching them out above his head. Bradley & Ryan spread Andy's legs apart, giving Jonathan room to take up position between Andy's thighs. This left Jon, standing over Andy, marveling at the beauty of the tennis god spread out before him."What're you waitin' for won the prize!" exclaimed Ryan, pointing at the cock at full mast at the table's center. "It's all yours man!" Ryan added. The boys all awaited Jon to begin working on the cock before beginning their own ministrations upon Andy. Jon was nervous.........he had jacked off for a long time, and even jacked off another guy before. But, he had never sucked cock before, and he knew the guys would be expecting him to do so.Knowing that Andy was already excited, & not wanting to bring things to too quick of a climax, Jon began gliding his soft hands gently up and down the length of the hard, 9" tool, feeling it pulse and swell at every touch. Ben & Richard began bathing Andy with their tongues, starting at his nips and working their way up to his musky pits, up past the shoulders, and all the way up his arms to the fingertips, pausing to lick each digit, then reversing the process until once again reaching the nips.Kevin and Andy were in full embrace, their mouths and tongues joined as one. Kevin locked eyes with Andy, despite temptation to take in the full view of the pleasure that each part of his man's body was receiving at that moment. Bradley took advantage of his earlier toe-sucking experience, and was now applying it to Andy's feet. Ryan, the recipient of the earlier toe-sucking had begun to emulate Bradley on Andy's other leg. Ryan gave a tug on his hardness thru his shorts, teasing Bradley, who had been alternating glances between Andy's feet & calves, and Ryan's crotch. Ryan planned to give the ebony-skinned singer a taste of his manhood soon enough.Jonathan in turn had worked his way up in between Andy's legs, gently kissing those luscious inner thighs. Looking up, he saw Jon, still a little hesitant about sucking off Andy's big cock. He whispered to Jon, "Don't be what I do." then reached out, placing one hand against the side of Andy's throbbng phallus, & began to lick it's full length, stem to cockhead. Andy began to convulse and shake at this new sensation, moaning, "Yes! Oh, more please YESSS!!!"Backing away to give Jon room, Jonathan encouraged him, "Go ahaed, give Shylolita Toplist it a try!" Jon imitated Jonathan's action, and was pleased to hear Andy moan once more as his own tongue worked Andy's meat. "OK now lick just the cockhead with the tip of your tongue," Jonathan instructed. Doing so, Jon really began to get into it, sucking on Andy's swollen cockhead like a cone of fine icecream. "God, that's incredible, yes .....MORE! MORE! SUCK THAT COCK!" said Andy, with a higher pitched tone. He was in total ecstasy, being licked, sucked or kissed in nearly every oriface of his hot body.Kevin had moved to kissing & sucking at Andy's neck and earlobes, while Richard & Ben were tickling Andy silly, brushing at his soft pit fur with their tongues. Bradley and Ryan continued licking his toes & feet plus massaging his calves better than any trainer on the tour ever had.Meanwhile, Jonathan was scheming with Jon to finally send Andy over the edge. "I want you to go down on him now," he said to Jon. "You mean, take it into my mouth" Jon asked. "Yep," Jonathan replied, "take as much as you can'll figure out the rest."Jon Lee grasped Andy at the base of the 9" cock, & without further hesitation went down on it, taking in a little over half, then pulling back up to tease the tip of it's head again before going back down. Andy now began to buck upward, matching Jon's up and down motions. Jonathan decided that it was time to up the pleasure quotient a notch further, and began licking Andy's big balls. Andy froze in mid-thrust, as if hit by a bolt of lightning at Jonathan's touch. He began to convulse and shake, "Aw God!!!! I'm close, I'M GONNA SHOOT!" Jon Lee pulled off upon hearing this, content now to finish Andy off with a great hand-job to send the young tennis player to spray his load all over. Jon fisted him madly, with a big assist from his own saliva and Andy's own pre-cum providing great lubrication to finish the job.Andy was in heaven; the pleasure of these hot hunks consuming his Shylolita Toplist body sending his sensations completely over the edge. "I'm close, I'm very close!" he cried out again. Jonathan continued to work Andy's balls, but giving Jon a wink, licked two fingers & inserted them in Andy's ass. Andy's head shot back as he screamed, and his cock erupted, firing five shots into the air, each landing with a big splash as it landed back on his chest in a huge puddle of boycum.NEXT CHAPTER: The boys pair off!Comments? Ideas? Gripes? E-mail me at:
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